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Maritza Laing

About - Maritza Laing

STOTT Pilates and Reformer Teacher 

Maritza Laing, the founder of Maritza's pilates studio, has been a qualified STOTT Pilates teacher since 2005.

Maritza originally trained at the Cuban School for Performing Arts. One of her classmates was the incredible Carlos Acosta. Maritza went on to become one of the most highly regarded trapeze artists in the Latin world, ultimately performing a highly specialized act in the original Cirque du Soleil in Montreal.

After retiring from her career, in addition to her STOTT Pilates qualifications, Maritza obtained a diploma in Physiology and Anatomy in 2005.

Maritza is currently teaching Salsa Fitness and Reformer Pilates to clients of all different levels, and specializes in General Rehabilitation relating to injuries.

Maritza is studying towards her Masters in Hypnotherapy and is a mother of three girls.

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