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Pilates for Dancers

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At Maritza Reformer Pilates Studio in Bushey, the dance-specific Reformer Pilates sessions can help with the full range of mobility and performance increases that can take your dance career to the next level. Whether you’re looking to improve your general fitness and core strength or you need to work through a specific injury that might be hindering your dancing, Maritza can work with you to provide a standout service and make sure that you’re performing at the best of your ability.

Specialist Pilates in Bushey

When it comes to specialist Pilates sessions for dancers in Bushey, Maritza Reformer Pilates Studio is the place to come. Maritza has been working in the region for over 15 years following an illustrious career in the performing arts, and so she understands better than most Pilates instructors how important the proper movement and function can be for your work. 


Maritza’s extensive knowledge of anatomy, dance training, and Pilates combine to provide some of the most extensive and impressive Reformer Pilates classes in Bushey specifically for dancers and injury recovery. When you come to the studio in Bushey, you’ll work with Maritza to discover what areas of your flexibility and fitness might be letting you down, and from there can work to improve your performance.


Get in Touch

Contact Maritza today to find out more about the different ways that Reformer Pilates can help you with your dancing career. There’s always a welcoming and inclusive environment at Maritza Reformer Pilates Studio in Bushey, so be sure to get in touch if you’d like to know more, and Maritza is sure to be able to give you the answers that you’re looking for. 


Get in touch today by emailing, or call 07931965862 to get started and to book your place on a Pilates course in Bushey.

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